AFR Cooperative Local #928 and Local #305 each donated a tower garden as part of the AFR Cooperative Tower Garden Grant Program. The program is a cost match program for the installation of aeroponic tower garden units in public school classrooms.

The AFR locals donated the towers to Positive Tomorrow and Pivot Inc., both located in Oklahoma City. Positive Tomorrows is a nonprofit dedicated to clearing a path to success for children facing the challenges of homelessness. Pivot Inc. is a nonprofit that provides a secure and safe place to live for those in need, the underprivileged, and those struggling with mental illness.

AFR Cooperative Tower Garden Grant Program is a way AFR county and local organizations to bring agriculture into classrooms. Tower gardens encourage agricultural education by using an advanced form of hydroponics and aeroponics. The tower gardens do not require soil, weeding or digging. They also remove most of the physical labor of traditional gardening. Instead of getting nutrients from the sun and soil, plants in a tower garden use a light system and nutrient rich water. Students interact with agriculture by planting and caring for tower garden plants as they grow.

AFR Local #928 and AFR Local #305 are the most recent AFR organizations to participate in the program.  AFR local #928 is connected to Neher Insurance Agency in Oklahoma City.  AFR Local #305 is connected to Thompson’s Insurance Agency in Chandler.